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In order to comply fully with hygiene requirements and standards, please fill the bottles yourself using the pump dispensers provided. Do not let your customer do it themselves. Refills are provided exclusively in salons.

To avoid any risk of contamination and to ensure the safety of the end consumer, only empty BEAUTIST products can be refilled. Furthermore, products should only be refilled with the shampoo mentioned on the original label. For example, a Nutrition Shampoo bottle can only be refilled with Nutrition Shampoo.


Used containers must be cleaned by the consumer. They must be brought back clean and empty for refilling. If the bottle is dirty, damaged or altered in any way that renders it unfit for sale, you must refuse the request for a refill. If the bottle is damaged and there is a risk that the quality of the product may be affected, you must advise your customer to buy a new bottle.
Customers must be made aware of the cleaning protocol at the time of sale. They will also be able to access it via a QR code on the back of 300 ml shampoos.


You must communicate this protocol to customers and ensure they follow it.
1. Rinse the empty bottle several times with warm water.
2. Disinfect the bottle and cap with alcohol if you have it or white vinegar.
3. Leave the bottle to dry upside down without the cap on. Replace the cap before you bring the bottle back to the salon.


You must ensure that the bottle is in good condition and that the refill label indicates directions for use as well as the name or company name and address of the person responsible (this information can be found on the original label).
You will find pre-printed labels on the refill tub. These must be attached to all of your customer’s bottles. The following information must appear on the label:
– The batch number of the bulk shampoo they have just purchased = this batch number is already printed on the detachable labels.
– The up-to-date ingredient list for this shampoo = also already printed on the detachable labels.
– The product use-by date which you will need to add To figure out the date, just add 12 months to the date the tub was opened.
A marker pen is provided for this purpose. When the tub is opened, we recommend that you write the use-by date on the colored part at the top of the detachable labels. This will make it easier to add to the detachable labels for each refill.


 You must keep the area clean as well as all the bulk sale products and equipment. Regular cleaning and checks must be carried out daily by the person responsible for the salon.
Please also ensure that the tip of the pump dispenser is regularly cleaned to avoid contaminating the product refill.


Ensure that the storage, distribution and transport conditions do not compromise product compliance.
Ensure that your staff are trained and understand the labeling and the information made available as well as comply with hygiene and safety rules when handling cosmetic products that need to be packaged in your salon.

Now you’re ready to get started.

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